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Seth Laucks MA, MT-BC, LPC



My name is Seth Laucks, and I am a board-certified Music Therapist and Licensed Counselor.  In my sessions, I use individualized, interactive, evidence-based music interventions within traditional psychotherapy techniques to promote physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual wellness in the clients I serve.  


I strive to build a therapeutic relationship with each client, a relationship which serves as the foundation for growth and development. I begin the treatment process by working with every

client to assess their needs and desires for therapy, using this assessment process as a means of

finding the best ways to help my clients.




Specializing In Music Therapy and Counseling for:
Older Adults
Adults with Medical Needs
Pain Management
Dementia / TBI / Neurological Rehabilitation
Nursing Care
End-of-Life / Hospice Care
Physical Rehabilitation
Supporting Family Members / Caring for Caregivers
Transitions in Care and Living Situations / Coping with Loss
Children and Adults with Special Needs/ ID-DD / Social Cognition Difficulties

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




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